Model 2131 Tape Recorder

This is the finest Webcor tape recorder money can buy with added features like available mahogany and blonde wood cabinets, 3 high fidelity balanced and matched speakers, powerful high fidelity 5 watt amplifier and a built in storage tray for the microphone, tapes and accessories. Impeccable fidelity and realism are yours with full rich concert hall tones from radio, television, live performances or any other types of recordings. The famed Webcor tape recorder needs no introduction for it has rapidly become America's favorite home magnetic recorder. There are two reasons for this popularity, first the Webcor tape recorder records and plays back with greater fidelity than units costing much more. Second, the Webcor tape recorder is the easiest of all to operate with one master "television type" control. Another unique feature is the ability to record up to two full hours without any inconvenient reel turnover. This is accomplished by our exclusive Webcor design incorporating two heads and two balanced induction motors that allow you to record and playback in both directions. Experience the beauty and sound quality for yourself at your authorized Webcor dealer.
Webcor by Webster-Chicago
Prices slightly higher west of the Rockies
Copyright 1954