Model 210 Tape Recorder

The famed Webcor tape recorder needs no introduction for it has rapidly become America's favorite home magnetic tape recorder. There are two reasons for this popularity, first the Webcor tape recorder records and plays back with greater fidelity than units costing much more. And second, the Webcor tape recorder is the easiest of all to operate. One master "television type" control directs the tape, the recording and playback. No need to adjust several dials and switches to make a recording. Another exclusive Webcor feature is the ability to record up to two full hours without inconvenient reel turnover. With two recording heads it is possible to record and playback in both directions by merely turning the master control a professional feature. This is the ideal unit for starting precious memories albums, preserving sound at all the events you would normally photograph. For music lovers, there is no better way to build a music library. Complete musical works in their full, rich concert hall tones from the radio, television, live performances, or other recordings.
Webcor by Webster-Chicago
Prices slightly higher west of the Rockies
Copyright 1953