Model 166 Amplifier and Model 125 Diskchanger

The most versatile sound reproducing system on the market is the Webcor Model 125 Diskchanger and the Webcor 166 Portable Amplifier. There is no end to the list of applications of this fine system. From multiple uses in the home to providing a public address system in offices and factories, the combination of these two units always provides the best fidelity in the reproduction of music and voice. The Diskchanger is built into a handsome striped leatherette carrying case and the matching amplifier is in a separate, harmonizing burgundy case. Schools, churches and lodges have used this combination to provide up to four hours of continuous dance music in ballrooms of all sizes. A microphone input on the amplifier makes it possible to use the system as a quality public address system in connection with the Diskchanger. The basic Diskchanger provides the fastest, most gentle method of changing records automatically for any use. The Webcor Portable Amplifier with its large 10 inch speaker provides the volumes necessary for rooms of all sizes. These two units have been engineered and developed to work as a team to provide complete versatility and flexibility in record changing and playing.
Webcor by Webster-Chicago
Amplifier $68.75
Diskchanger $63.25
Prices slightly higher west of the Rockies
Copyright 1953