Model 123 Jubilee Fonograph

A welcome addition to any room in the home is the handsome new Webcor "Jubilee", a three speed automatic table-top fonograph. The Jubilee has a new stainless steel spindle that gently handles all records and the exclusive electrostatically flocked turntable provides a slip free cushion for your favorite recordings. Because of the velocity trip mechanism there is no lateral needle pressure on the record grooves. The record itself directs the tone arm, not a forced mechanical operation. This makes the records last longer. The Jubilee will play home recordings and "inside-out" recordings without any special adjustment. A turn-over cartridge provides the proper needle tip for standard or microgroove recordings. Like all Webcor automatic fonographs, the Jubilee tone arm comes to a rest position after the last record has played. The idler wheel is automatically retracted when the Jubilee speed control is turned off. The hammered burgundy or forest green finish on the newly designed cabinet will blend with any color scheme and every furniture period.
Webcor by Webster-Chicago
Prices slightly higher west of the Rockies
"Fonograph" is a registered trademark of Webcor
Copyright 1953