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This site is dedicated to products created and manufactured by the Webster Chicago Corporation from the 1940's to the mid 1950's. Some of the products highlighted are Wire Recorders, Tape Recorders, Phonographs, Amplifiers and miscellaneous audio equipment. In most cases the prices are listed as per the time period they were sold and produced and are not indicative of current values. Any questions or comments are welcome by using the email link at the bottom of the page. Please read the below link for historical information on Webster Chicago and Webcor the company.

Webster-Chicago History


Model 80 Wire Recorder Model 228 Wire Recorder Model 288 Wire Recorder

Model 181 Wire Recorder Model 210 Tape Recorder Model 2131 Tape Recorder

Model 166 Amplifier and Model 125 Diskchanger Model 123 Jubilee Fonograph

Model 124 Holiday Fonograph Model 129 Authentic Console

Technical Bulletins

Magic Eye 6E5 Adjustment Tape Recorder Head Alignment Tape Recorder Automatic Stops

Recording Directly From Radio Interconnect Units DC Operation of Recorders and Phonos

Wire Recorders Model/Year Chart Tape Recorders Model/Year Chart

Services & Information Links

The Voice of Music Website

Wilcox-Gay Corp. Recordio

_West-Tech Services Site_

Recording History

The History of Sound Recording

Recording Technology History

About this Website

This site was produced for historical and information purpouses only. It will be updated periodically with more information or changes to current content. Ads and prices that may be listed are per the time period referenced and not a representation of current values.Some images such as schematics were scanned at full resolution to preserve the integrity of small or fine print and may take some time to load at slower connection speeds. Any feedback pertaining to this site can be emailed to webcorinfo@aol.com